2017 Monthly Challenges

2017 Monthly Challenges

Below you will find the challenge for each month so that you can have plenty of time to prepare. At the 2017 AOPC Christmas Party, everyone who participates will be in a drawing for a prize. We will continue to give a monthly $25 gift card to Bedford’s Camera to participants that will be randomly drawn. The purpose of the challenges to is make you shoot something different and utilize creativity. It is not a contest of skills so please do not worry about having the best photograph. Participate and enjoy. Please no cell phone pics taken from your car!:)

January 2017 – Local Treasures. Whatever you want that makes you think Arkansas when you see it.

February 2017 – Shadows. Whether the ground hog sees his or not, we can still find some shadows.

March 2017 – Reflections. Pay attention to the water puddles!

April 2017 – Food. Yummy yummy in my tummy.

May 2017 – Memorials. Always a good time to remember those who have gave their lives for our freedoms.

June 2017  – City Lights. Does not have to be Little Rock.

July 2017 –Freedom. Fireworks or whatever else shows our celebration of freedom.

August 2017 – Planes, trains, and automobiles. I’m not advocating anyone stand on train tracks. I prefer to see everyone at the meeting in one piece 🙂

September 2017 – Silhouettes. Get creative and let’s see what you got.

October 2017 – Haunted. Let’s see how spooky you can get.

Only submit pictures for the current challenge at the monthly meeting. If you have any questions please contact me.

Thank You,