2018 Monthly Challenges

2018 Monthly Challenges

Below you will find the challenge for each month so that you can have plenty of time to prepare. At the 2017 AOPC Christmas Party, everyone who participates will be in a drawing for a prize. We will continue to give a monthly $25 gift card to Bedford’s Camera to participants that will be randomly drawn. The purpose of the challenges is to make you shoot something different and utilize creativity. It is not a contest of skills so please do not worry about having the best photograph. Participate and enjoy. Please, no cell phone pics taken from your car!:)

MARCH Abstract Art: Textures, colors, patterns…does not need much explanation.

APRIL Shutter Speed: Capture motion or use your panning skills. This could include water or panning the horses at the race track, cars, runners, birds in flight, etc.

MAY Mimic the artist you most admire: Try to capture the style of a famous photographer or artist in your shot. I think it would be fun to hear the name of the artist being “copied” when the photo is shown. This challenge could help both people to find their style and learn more about light/shadows while the more experienced may gain insight into why they like what they do.

JUNE Abandoned: This might include urbex, old buildings, cars, barns, perhaps an old bike or toy that just got left over the years…the list goes on.

JULY Miniature world: Use a toy or scaled down object and make it look realistic in a scene.

AUGUST Light painting: Use a light of some type to bring your photo to life. Still life light photos, landscape shots, and the kind where people use various tools/light brushes to create designs. There are probably others that I am unaware of but show off your creativity.

SEPTEMBER Look to the skies: Photos of the moon, an eclipse, star trails, the Milky Way, perhaps infrared clouds in motion.

OCTOBER Never have I ever: This one is kind of a free for all, but if people are honest, they could improve creativity and/or break a slump. Old habits are hard to break. Practice a photography genre that you have never or only infrequently tried. Perhaps you have waterfalls mastered, but have you ever tried macro? Maybe you have thousands of macro shots on your hard drive, but you have never tried capturing wildlife in the field. It could be that you have only used telephoto, long-range zoom lenses, but you have never spent a session using only a wide-angle prime lens. Perhaps you are part of the snobbery when it comes to smartphonography, but one day, on the first day of the most important photography trip in your life, your “real” camera may get destroyed, leaving your Samsung or iPhone the only option to capture a once in a lifetime scene. Give something a chance and congratulate yourself on learning something new when you are done.


Only submit pictures for the current challenge at the monthly meeting. If you have any questions please contact me.

Thank You,